Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here we go

Since I said this was a simple test of the blog, let me start out that way.
I have recently become an Apple user. I have an iMac on my desk at work, a Macbook Pro for work, and I am borrowing an iPad for some general testing. I am not planning on getting an iPhone, or becoming a full on Apple Fanboi any time soon. I still love my android devices and will continue to use them. But one of the difficult parts about all this was keeping notes and tasks in sync.
I dont need to share these notes or tasks with anyone, but I do have the options.
I found an app called WunderList, and it is pretty nice.
By default it gives you serveral lists, and you can add/edit those lists and share your "work" list with one set of people and your "personal" list with another set.
Another example is that I can be in a meeting with my Android phone, type the take aways from that meeting, go to my desktop, open the app or web page there, and start working on them.
I had tried to use Catch.Com  for this, but it wasnt as well rounded, like it does not have a mac or windows client, just the mobile platform clients. I am old, I like having separate applications for this stuff.
That should be a good, albeit badly, written first start on this blogspot.

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