Sunday, April 14, 2013

HP Touchpad - Factory Refresh

With the HP Touchpad, you might have installed Android on it, and then you want to give it to someone else for their use, only problem is, you cannot seem to get android, and all your data off of it.
Well this is how I went about it.
I am doing this on a mac, and i did have issues doing this on windows as well.
I could not get novacom to install on Win7.
I tried to follow the Guide - Factory Condition Reset and I could not get all the tools to work

These are the tools that worked for me:

Mount the Palm WebOS SDK.dmg and install the mpkg file, it will install under /opt/nova/bin/

Boot your Touchpad into recovery mode by one of the following methods
  1. Power off the device, then power it back on by holding Volume UP and Power 
  2. Your moboot menu and selectin 'boot weOS Recovery' 
This will display a USB symbol on the screen

to test that it is running, you can open a console and type 

It will display the usage menu
MyMacbook:~ smcgroarty$ novacom 
version: novacom-22
usage: novacom [-a address] [-p port] [-t] [-l] [-d device] [-c cmd] [-r password] [-w] <command>
<Trimed for space> 

Next you want to run the downloaded WebOS Doctor 3.04 
This will open a java windows and be labeled as "Recovery Tool" 

Select your language and click next
Confirm your language 
Accept the license agreement
It states it will take 15 minutes to 1 hour so make sure if you are on a laptop, you are have enough battery, and also, before i started the tablet was charged to 100%

At this point the software asked me to install the drivers, but it wouldnt let me because a newer version was installed. Clicking cancel still allowed me to move on. 

Click Accept and it will start the install, and it requests that you do not disconnect your device. 

Also at this stage it will display a microchip image on the screen with an arrow pointing at it on the TouchPad 
My computer took less than 10 minutes to do the install, and then about 5 more minutes of the tablet setting itself up.

After this, the device will reset. and should boot to HP WebOS and ask for your account details. 
Also, click Done in the java window, then go play with your fresh tablet, but remember our data s still on the device. 

Extra Steps:
After loading in WebOS, i created my account, let it update, then did a complete factory wipe to remove all of my data. 
I then logged in again, resynced my accounts, and then wiped the accounts again before shippit it out. 

Final Note, this will leave 10GB of space free on the device, for recovering all the space on the device, and deleting the CyanogenMod partitions and following the next guide.
EDIT - Next guide is All Space

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