Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gone, all gone

Well my soon to be pervious hosting company was able to get my host upgraded to the proper and new version of, but it did come at a small price.
I have lost all my historical data for 
So none of my old stuff is there, and I am oddly ok with this.
That leaves it up to a new choice, do I want to rebuild on that same platform that just lost a couple of years worth of data, or move the hosting account, and email, to another provider.
I think I am going to move it to a new provider and I have weighed the options. seems to be working well enough for me. It is simple enough to use from my desktop and there is even an android app that I havent gotten too deep into yet.
There is also the WordPress option. That one seems to be more popular amongst most of my friends and colleagues, and there is also an android app for it.
Now the real reason I went with blogengine in the past was I had more time. I could customize the theme the way I wanted. I could do things like hide the login box, and limit user accounts easily. I do not have this this type of time anymore, so I am looking for something that does the heavy lifting for me.
The next part is cost. I do not advertise, I do not like banner ads, I do not have any ad clicks. My site generates less than 100 hits in a busy month, so I do not intend to make any money from the site, but I do not want it to cost any more than $100 a year, that is domain registration, hosting, and email accounts.How much would you pay for a brain dump site of your own?
My previous provider thought it would be a nice touch to register for me, "First year free!" and then start charging me. So I have had this domain for about two years without noticing it because of them. I had set it to expire after the first year, but they renewed it for me, as a courtesy.
So I think my next steps are to move the domain to (formerly tu-cows hosting) and then migrate velcrohurts email and blog site to google.
Yes, google, because they already know more about me than everyone else combined.

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